On To New Things…

After thirty-one months, my time at The Bank has ended. It’s been very eventful to say the least. It was very hard to say goodbye to a great group of co-workers, who just happened to be some really great people. ┬áIt is good that we are keeping in touch.

I miss the Bay Area. Tony Bennett sang a song about the place, and it hits home each time I think about San Francisco.

But, things change; and, as much as I dislike that fact, I must change with them.

I now work for a company called Paradigm Technology. I am a Project Coordinator for a utility company. The job is new to me; the processes are new to me; and, I’m trying to find my way.

But, the people at APS, are like the people at The Bank: very nice, and very good at what they do. I’ve enjoyed my time with them, up to the present, and the list of opportunity is long.

Onward. Upward…

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